GC GENOMICS is an advanced biotechnology company providing scientific and technological services to the agriculture industry. Our purpose is to democratize these solutions and make them more accessible to breeders and producers, in order to increase the value of their biological assets and optimize their resources in a sustainable way.


To increase the value of biological assets through state-of-the-art biotechnology and our proprietary methodology that integrates genomics, statistics, and artificial intelligence, all of which help us predict the productive values and integrate them efficiently in decision making.
To democratize agrogenomic biotechnology, facilitating its access both to the developers of varieties and breeds as well as the producers, with the aim of maximizing their productivity in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


Our technology and services are based on years of experience in cutting-edge scientific research, which has convinced us that this development has a beneficial impact on society.
We build a bridge between science and agriculture through basic and more complex services related to genomic sciences. The possibilities are endless.
Customized solutions adapted to every need, breed, and species of interest, taking into account all possible variables and the demands of an ever-changing market.
We are committed to native species, breeds and plant varieties that have been traditionally abandoned, but which are essential for a sustainable model in the rural economy and biodiversity.
We believe it is essential to transfer knowledge to our customers as we build trust. A market trained in the science and technology it needs, is a market destined to grow.

Our team

Miguel Gallach

Chief Scientific Officer

Doctor in Biology, specialized in molecular and evolutionary genetics, population genetics,
breeding, genomic applications and statistics. More than 15 years of scientific research in
universities in Spain, USA and Austria, where he was a university professor for seven years.

Javier Gallach

Chief of Operations and Foreign Business Development

Industrial engineer with experience in several different disciplines, including agriculture, greenhouses, and automation systems. He lives between Spain and China, working on foreign business development.

Jennifer Gage

Chief Administration Officer and Head of International Relations

Senior administrator and translator with experience in human resources and international relations. She has over twelve years of experience at the International Atomic Energy Agency, United Nations.

Isabel balbontín

Director of Business Development in the Iberian Peninsula

Economist and lawyer, with experience in project management, industrial property and fundraising. Elected member of the Plenary of the Chamber of Commerce of Badajoz and a member of several national business networks.

Jorge Sánchez

Head of Laboratory

Biotechnologist with a MSc in applied plant biology. He has extensive experience in scientific dissemination, plant biotechnology and molecular biology.

Edgar O’Mora

Senior Advisor for Business Development in Latin America

More than 30 years of experience in business development in agriculture and technology in Latin America.

Rolando González Santajuliana

Chief Livestock Advisor in Argentina

Professor of Agricultural Marketing and Business Development, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina.

Tony Melckenbeek

Strategic Advisor

Over 20 years of international experience in the fields of finance and accounting in public and private companies. He has held numerous international commercial positions related to operational finance management, banking, equity financing, IPO launches and logistics.

Johnson Ping Zhang

Senior Cannabis Advisor

Over 15 years of experience in the Canadian cannabis industry. Expertise in cannabis regulatory affairs, licensing requirements and industry trends.

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