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National University of Rosario, Argentina. Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

GC GENOMICS participates in the International Seminar “Innovation and Circular Bioeconomy” offered by the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the National University of Rosario, Argentina, with the seminar “Agrogenomics, Rural Development and Sustainability”. You can download the presentation at this link (in Spanish).

Accepted patent

The United States Patent and Trademark Office accepts the patent for a new variety of Cannabis sativa for medicinal use, developed in collaboration with GC GENOMICS. You can download the document here.


We’re moving our laboratory from Badajoz to Seville. We already have a new location. A little work and some paint and we will open our new laboratory. Thanks for everything Badajoz!

Shangai gcgenomics

GC GENOMICS showcased in Shanghai

GC GENOMICS participates in the Mobile World Congress Shanghai, China.
Thanks for the great work, Javier!

We arrive in Barcelona

As announced, GC GENOMICS participates in the international event 4 Years From Now (4YFN), integrated in the Mobile World Congress Barcelona. A big thanks to Javier and Miguel for the great work done!

convenio cicytex

Official agreement with CICYTEX

GC Genomics España SL signs a collaboration agreement with the Centro de Investigaciones Científicas y Tecnológicas de Extremadura (CICYTEX) to develop genetic tools in Iberian swine. Link to DOE.

Back to Dubai

We visited the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture (ICBA), Dubai, United Arab Emirates (Biosaline). We are exploring possible synergies with their excellent team. Shukran! e ICEX confirman las 48 startups españolas

4 Years From Now (4YFN)

GC Genomics España SL is selected as one of the 48 Spanish Start Ups that will be part of the international event 4 Years From Now (4YFN), integrated in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Read the article here.


GC Genomics España SL is selected for the Spanish Accelerator Agila program. Thanks Jorge for the excellent representation!

Green Innovation Forum Extremadura

GC GENOMICS participates in the Green Innovation Forum Extremadura. We presented our project in Merida and participated in a round table. Thanks AseBio for the invitation and the excellent organization.
Thanks for being there Jorge and Miguel!

VSNI Gcgenomics

Actual and expected inbreeding coefficient

GC GENOMICS collaborates with VSNi, creators of the famous statistical software ASReml, for the publication of blogs of agrogenomic interest. Read our first blog post: Inbreeding coefficients in the genomic era: expected vs realized autozygosity.
Read the article here.


GC GENOMICS now has permanent representation in the People’s Republic of China. We continue to grow!

melanopsina gcgenomics

New publication

In collaboration with the University of Vienna, we describe a new role of melanopsin in zebrafish locomotor activity. Access our publication through this link.

Operational laboratory

After a major investment and five months of machinery and equipment installation, we can now celebrate: our laboratory is operational!

Smart Agrifood Summit

GC GENOMICS participates in the Smart Agrifood Summit, Malaga. Thanks for the good work Isabel!


Visit to Dubai

GC GENOMICS meets with high-level officials of the Government of the United Arab Emirates to study synergies. Shukran!

Team junta extremadura

New team member

GC GENOMICS wins a grant of 28,000 Euros from the Innovation and Talent Program (PIT) from the Regional Government of Extremadura to recruitf young technologists and the develop scientific talent.

We welcome our new team member: Jorge Sánchez Muñoz.

New team member

We welcome Inmaculada Cuadrado Salguero, who joins the team as a laboratory technician.

We have a laboratory!

We are now part of the Technological Park of Extremadura, Fundecyt – PCTEX. We now have space for our molecular biology, plant biology laboratory and growth chamber. Next objective: to equip it and have it operational.



We begin our collaboration with the Center for Scientific and Technological Research of Extremadura (Cicytex).

National College of Agronomists of Chile

GC GENOMICS offers a seminar for the National College of Agronomists of Chile with the title “Increasing agricultural activity through genomic selection”. Access the seminar through this link.

Costa Rica y Argentina gcgenomics

Latin America

GC GENOMICS now has permanent representation in Latin America, specifically in Costa Rica and Argentina.

Sede Gcgenomics Badajoz

We open a subsidiary in Badajoz, Spain.

GC Genomics GmbH establishes the Spanish subsidiary GC Genomics España SL, based in Badajoz. The company’s objective is to establish a molecular biology and plant biology laboratory in Spain.


ICEX Invest in Spain

GC GENOMICS wins the competitive grant ICEX Invest in Spain from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to develop an agrogenomics project of 175,000 Euros in Spain.

TMT-Opsins differentially modulate medaka brain function in a context-dependent manner

New publication for GC GENOMICS

In collaboration with the University of Vienna, we describe a new role of opsins in the brain function of the medaka model fish. Access our publication here.


Accent Accelerator

GC Genomics GmbH is selected for the Austrian accelerator program Accent.

Addressing Global Inequities in Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography (PET-CT) for Cancer Management

GC GENOMICS publication in the human health sector

We have developed, in collaboration with the United Nations, a statistical model to help countries estimate their needs for PET-CT services for the diagnosis of several specific types of cancer. Access our publication through this link.

Adaptive Genome Evolution in Animals

Our first scientific publication is out!

Our genomic analyses in fruit flies and humans reveal interesting common evolutionary patterns in these two lineages. Access our publication through this link.


GC Genomics GmbH is founded

GC GENOMICS is an R&D company providing scientific and technological services to the agribusiness industry.
GC Genomics GmbH takes over the iLabSystems brand.


The iLabSystems brand is created

Through this brand we provide genomic analysis, experimental and statistical design services to companies and research centers.